Sienna Collection

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From the August 2013 newsletter for PatternFish

The Sienna Collection is a compilation four piece eBook.

The Sienna Collection Patterns:

Sienna ~ a double-breasted jacket featuring a textured stitch throughout
Cabana II ~ a dress version of the tunic top by the same name, re-worked to include a matching textured stitch on the hemline and upper portion
Beret II ~ taken from my eyelet beret, but re-worked with a matching textured stitch on the brim, omitting the eyelet row
BoHoh II ~ a tote bag that again I have worked in another variation to match the textured stitch of the featured jacket, Sienna





Neapolitan Chic Collection


Neapolitan Chic Collection was born out of the desire to have versatile pieces which when worked together create a complete ensemble that is sure to delight, perfect for a June flower girl. ~

Neapolitan Chic Collection Patterns:

Cabana ~ a chevron stitched tunic top with additional petticoat skirt option (errata note: Skirt measures 4 1/2”)
Kimana ~ a flattering bolero jacket
Belle ~ a cloche style hat
BoHoh ~ a ribbed stitched tote bag


  Christmas Collection

The Christmas Collection born out of the desire to work ensembles inspired after ‘White Christmas’, starring Bing Crosby, each piece is designed to coordinate with each other, all put together in one cohesive eBook

The Christmas Collection Patterns:

Noel ~ a fur trimmed hooded coat with collar option
Juliette ~ a fur trimmed cloak with capelet option
Cabana III ~ a chevron stitched two-piece skirt and matching top