Meet my Models ~ Past & Present

Meet my Models . . . . 
As the years fly by so too have my models I use for my knitwear designs, originally I had all the Gotz Little Sisters and Precious Day Collection, view some of them here on my 18 inch Gotz Guide , they all have since moved on to their permanent new homes.

Little Sisters Lily, Tess & Katie

2012 brought about a new range of dolls to design for, the articulated slim Kidz 'n' Cats dolls with my Lena & Leroy (who I recently retired, I am however awaiting a new arrival, with Amber.

In 2015 I purchased my very first articulated Gotz girl, Katie from the   Gotz Happy Kidz Collectionwho also became the inspiration for my new header 

Since her arrival one year ago, two more sisters from the same collection have come to join her, first there is Emily, who I transformed by replacing her former uneven hair with a new wig, and a touch more eye lashes, newly named Emma

The other sister is also a Gotz Happy Kidz Katie, who received a new face-up courtesy of the talented hands of my daughter, I also replaced her hair with a new wig, meet Kit

Meet Jodie

Still more others have come and gone, like the American Girl dolls Saige and Jess . . today I have a new American Girl marked Pleasant Co., who was transformed with a new wig and touch of lip gloss, with no original name, I have named her Jodie , sister to my American Boy (transformed) named Jaden
Meet Jaden

. . . then there were these two Madame Alexander beauties, they too have moved on to their forever homes, but since I truly adored this face I found another to join my doll family . . . . 

Meet Adrea . . her former looks included braids with severely cut bangs, so I replaced her hair with a cute curly one and added a touch of lip gloss

A couple more girls will be joining my doll family after they have undergone their transformation, another Gotz Katie who this time will have a total face-up, courtesy once more by the talented hands of my daughter, the transformation will include new eyes along with new hair in the desire to have a look-alike me girl, also joining the family will be sister to a Gotz Hannah I transformed into a boy, you will meet him along with his new sister, the last doll to complete my doll family will be Kidz 'n' Cats Amber I spoke of earlier in this post . . thanks for looking, Deb