Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello December

For many it is as pictured, although a treasured postcard image that evokes hot toddy's, cozy fires, snuggled up in warm blankets, the reality can be a dangerous situation on the roads, so do take extra care out there.
In the meantime from our overcast days here in Seattle I can only dream of winter white days and make use of faux snow in my photo shoots for my latest two designs, although we did have a brief dusting of the real stuff.

Here to show and tell is my Kidz’n’Cats Wunschpuppe/wish doll, Aletta modeling my latest hat accessory

a jester’s style hat with a textured stitched cuffed brim that matches the main body pattern of Laurentia ~ my previously published unisex sweater

 For the American Girl/Boy version here is my Gotz girl, Elisabeth from the Precious Day Collection to show you
a jester’s style hat with a textured stitched cuffed brim matching the main body stitch pattern of Yukon ~ my previously published unisex sweater


Wishing you and yours safe travels and treasured memories during this winter season, thanks for looking ~ Deb

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful for my knitting

I am thankful for my knitting ♥ because . . .
  • It fills my life with color.
  • It expresses my creativity.
  • It keeps my hands busy.
  • It connects me to friends alike and introduces me to new friends ♥ who share my love for the craft.

As I take a moment to give pause to all that I am grateful for, I am also pondering what's next for my knitting needles, and look forward to create more of what I love doing, knitting and designing for 18 inch dolls




What's next for my knitting needles?  . . . 
the upcoming winter season for one, along with Christmas holiday celebrations

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