Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kalendar Kidz vol.2 Complete

Kalendar Kidz

Volume 2 ~ July through December
By Debonair Designs

Original Knitwear Designs for
18” Kidz ‘n’ Cats® girls and boys dolls, mini Kidz too!

Volume 2 - autograph copy is now available via my Etsy store
Hi, hard to believe the epic journey of my vision for this Kalendar Kidz pattern book  publication is finally complete. Beginning with the wonderful and generous support of pledges via my Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of the year, seeing the end to my computer/hard-drive woes, thus allowing me to plot the files for the first volume that went live on Amazon June 2015, to seeing the completion of my vision with this special edition, volume 2 of Kalendar Kidz, just now released.

Special Edition of Kalendar Kidz volume two includes designs for the mini Kidz too and completes the calendar year with six more months of original hand knitted designs for 18" slim bodied all vinyl dolls such as the Kidz 'n' Cats dolls by Sonia Hartmann 

Opening with refreshing summer picks on through seeing the Kidz back to school with staple basic essentials along with the opportunity to explore colorful options as the palette changes and dips into fall featuring stylish textured stitched sweaters and cosy cables as the temperatures drop, ending with classic lines in the form of new winter coats just in time for the winter holidays. 

19 patterns including accessories depicting designs suitable for July through December, offering both classic and stylish knitwear and unique textured stitches with an introduction to cable work all formatted to suit both the beginner and seasoned knitter to enjoy a whole calendar year of knitwear designs that began with volume one depicting designs suitable for January through to June with the continuation of the year depicted in this volume.

 Over the years of working doll-sized designs has provided me the instant gratification I seen when exploring new stitch patterns, practicing and/or improving techniques. In my desire to showcase these designs i also welcome the opportunity to share in my second love of photography, as I strive to capture that childhood innocence with realistic poses all through the eyes of my dolls.

         I invite you to take a moment to turn the pages before diving into your first project to peer into the ‘lives’ of my Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls through an entire calendar year depicted in volumes one and two. ~ Deb

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Cast Ons . . . .

The opening summer themes for volume two of my Kalendar Kidz pattern book publication are all complete!
Working on these themes whilst basking or should I say baking, in hotter than normal temperatures that we endured these past weeks was tough going.

Thankfully, cooler conditions have returned, perfect timing too as I now rearrange my knitting basket to accommodate the continuation of this second series with stunning, vivid colors of Fall.

In the meantime, please enjoy these sneak peeks of the August theme,
entitled Set Sail
where my Kidz got to enjoy some beautiful vistas and relief from the heat. 

Cast off colorwork intimidation by casting on these jaunty takings 
Columbia a unisex summer essential jacket perfect for keeping the chill at bay from those off shore breezes.

 For the girls, pair with a stylish tunic top


Nantucket a jaunty chevron stitched tunic with a touch of lace
complete with a Mini Kidz version, a snappy match shore  to delight

Want to follow my progress for volume two?

 Kalendar Kidz

Volume 2 ~ July through December

Original Knitwear Designs for
18” Kidz ‘n’ Cats® girls and boys dolls
By Debonair Designs

I invite you to come and join me in my designer's group Debonair Designs for Dolls
on for what's new from my needles, sneak peeks of what's to come along with a future knit-along come September, not a member of ravelry, no worries, it's free to join and fun too!

Thank you ~ Deb

Volume One of Kalendar Kidz is now available via Amazon  

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 An autographed copy is available via my Etsy Store