Friday, January 9, 2015

Hello January

A brand new year beckons, my head swirls with delightful thoughts of casting on something new for my dolls, maybe even for myself too! Purged through my knitting basket for inspiration as I slowly recuperated from a family filled holiday home along with an un-welcomed flu virus that held my family and I hostage for the new year . . . .ugh

Opening up my emails was at first daunting, soooo many to read after my computer died from an overworked, small capacity hard drive failure, thanks to my dear hubby for coming to the rescue with not only a newer hard drive but one that has much more capacity I have not had for a couple of years now . . . yay! this new year is looking brighter each day.
One particular email caught my eye, an event I actually had forgotten all about, the debut of the 2015 American Girl of the Year, Grace Thomas 

This was exactly the inspiration I needed, something new, something different to cast on my needles for, thanks also to a January knit-along currently happening over in the American Girl Knitters group over on the ravelry forum.

I set about to the knit-along challenge of creating a outfit using three different patterns and chose a Parisian City Chic style for my 2006 American Girl, Jess.

For her sweater I made use of my raglan jersey sweater pattern Sequoia paired with an adorable ruffled skirt by Janice Helge where I added a bow befitting of the chic style I was going for, topped with a stylish beret, and finished with fingerless-mitts also with added bows. . . overall I am very pleased with the outcome, as is Jess too!


Thanks for looking, be sure to check out my listings for this completed outfit and more via my eBay store my husband and I have had for many years ~ Deb

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello December

For many it is as pictured, although a treasured postcard image that evokes hot toddy's, cozy fires, snuggled up in warm blankets, the reality can be a dangerous situation on the roads, so do take extra care out there.
In the meantime from our overcast days here in Seattle I can only dream of winter white days and make use of faux snow in my photo shoots for my latest two designs, although we did have a brief dusting of the real stuff.

Here to show and tell is my Kidz’n’Cats Wunschpuppe/wish doll, Aletta modeling my latest hat accessory

a jester’s style hat with a textured stitched cuffed brim that matches the main body pattern of Laurentia ~ my previously published unisex sweater

 For the American Girl/Boy version here is my Gotz girl, Elisabeth from the Precious Day Collection to show you
a jester’s style hat with a textured stitched cuffed brim matching the main body stitch pattern of Yukon ~ my previously published unisex sweater


Wishing you and yours safe travels and treasured memories during this winter season, thanks for looking ~ Deb