Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Color Palettes Part Two

Part Two ~ for this part I chose a favorite color combination which also served as the basis for a new pattern addition designed with the upcoming Spring season in mind and designed for the 18" American Girl Dolls and the comparable 18" Gotz Dolls like my models Elisabeth & Jessica from the 2003 Precious Day Collection

Pink paired with Grey


For my new pattern, Lavernia (link takes you to my Etsy Store) rather than work the colors combined into the outfit, I chose to work one in grey and one in pink

 Lavernia ~                A stylish peplum cardigan featuring a picot textured stitched hemline and eyelet row for ribbon adornment for a fun addition to your doll’s spring wardrobe with three-quarter length sleeves to enjoy the new spring warmth and a flattering shawl collared neckline

 These completed knitted outfits are currently available for sale in eBay listing                       

For more color combinations, pop on over to my new Pinterest Board called Color Palettes


Thursday, January 14, 2016

A love story . . . . .

Let me tell you a love story . . .

Three years ago Jaden and his family relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest region, however Jaden was not so keen on making new friends, being a little shy he was encouraged to mingle . . it wasn't long before that mingling led to discovering a true friend in the girl next door, Jess.
As the months flew by they became inseparable, but finally in January two years ago, a bashful Jaden revealed his true feelings to Jess with the help of his buddy, his dog Rembrandt, by surprising Jess with a Valentine's Day card, Jess was at first a little taken back as she had no idea he was her secret admirer, but she too secretly was very pleased

And their love grew, Jess fell for Jaden and loved him in the same way he loved her, today they finally declared their love for each other as they celebrated Valentine's Day early for their two year anniversary


and even Rembrandt met his love when Jess and her family adopted a puppy dog they called BonBon

 The End