Thursday, February 15, 2018

February's Steampunk Romantic

Continuing the themes as depicted in volume one of  Kalendar Kidz I worked the 'City Chic' patterns, featuring 'Bon-Bon' tunic dress paired with the vest, Je t'aime, in a theme I thought suitable for February's Valentine's Day, in a unique Steampunk style with a touch of romance, paired the dress with my petticoat pattern, 'Three Steps'  . . . my slim customized Gotz Happy Kidz model has a newer wig in the form on a long, wavy one with highlights, perfect for this occasion

To the left shows' Bon-Bon' dress paired with the petticoat, with the tunic vest on the dress form

Adornments in the form of a necklace I took apart along with 'Steampunk' charms for a finishing touch

Friday, January 12, 2018

January's Jersey Beacons

What's in store for 2018 from my knitting needles .  . .  I plan on the continuation of a year-long project following each month's themes as set out in my Kidz 'n' Cats Kalendar Book Publications, but showcasing them using my slim Gotz models, a project that started last year in December with the 'Home for the Holidays' theme.

For January I will be following 'Jersey Beacons' as depicted in volume one of Kalendar Kidz featuring 'Whidbey DK" ~ a Guernsey stitch sweater complete with winter warm accessories 

the continuation will be for February's 'City Chic' theme featuring Bon~Bon