Monday, March 19, 2018

'Wind Catchers' ~ March

Where is Spring? . . . either way, I am sure it is soon to follow . . . continuing on with my year-long knit-along following each month's themes as set out in my Kidz 'n' Cats Kalendar Book Publications 

This month's  theme is                  'Wind Catchers' featuring the textured stitched sweater called 'Laurentia' with the option to work incorporated fingerless-mitts, worked and modeled by my slim Gotz girls, Katie and Emma, where I paired my Lace Newsboy Cap for a finishing touch.

For April I will be following 'April Showers' as depicted in volume one of Kalendar Kidz featuring 'Nuala' ~ a textured stitched sweater dress which I plan on working sleeveless as I want to pair with some trendy gauntlet fingerless-mitts . . next post will be the reveal of that along with a newly customized Gotz model of mine . Below I worked one inspired by St. Patrick's Day

Thursday, February 15, 2018

February's Steampunk Romantic

Continuing the themes as depicted in volume one of  Kalendar Kidz I worked the 'City Chic' patterns, featuring 'Bon-Bon' tunic dress paired with the vest, Je t'aime, in a theme I thought suitable for February's Valentine's Day, in a unique Steampunk style with a touch of romance, paired the dress with my petticoat pattern, 'Three Steps'  . . . my slim customized Gotz Happy Kidz model has a newer wig in the form on a long, wavy one with highlights, perfect for this occasion

To the left shows' Bon-Bon' dress paired with the petticoat, with the tunic vest on the dress form

Adornments in the form of a necklace I took apart along with 'Steampunk' charms for a finishing touch