Thursday, June 27, 2019

Summertime knitting . . .

My needles have been kept busy with summer inspired knits for the slim Gotz Happy Kidz/Hannah dolls . . please enjoy these outfits (now all in the hands of private collectors)

'Katie Chevron Dress' for Angelika by the sea

Modified 'Three Steps Dress' for Lizzie's Beachcomber

'Best Friends' jacket paired with 'Three Steps'
with added lace trim

Nautical Sweater using 'Laurentia' for Liam

'Nantucket' tunic for Emily and 'Curriculum' for Liam

 . . . I will be taking the rest of summer off from knitting as we are in the midst of moving . . .so check back late August/September for updates on our move and what's in store on the knitting front for my dolls . . Deb

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Steampunk Elements final stage

As posted below I will be sharing the elements (pieces) that make up my one-of-a-kind hand knitted Steampunk Adventures . .  . . the second element is the dress, I worked Bon~Bon which I worked mostly as per the stitch pattern, but omitted the ridge rows on the sleeves, working them in an ivory white along with the top raglan part of the dress, worked the main body in one color to match the petticoat  

For the sleeve embellishment, I gathered up the sleeve cuff and added tulle lace trim along with working one ridge row in an accent

To complete the look I added a corset/utility belt by casting on the same amount of stitches at the waist and working the simple seed stitch pattern, complete with back button closure . . most of the Steampunk adornments were securely fixed to this removable belt. Fingerless-Mitts help with the final look along with a Lace Stitched Neck Choker, something I do not wish to reveal in any pattern in order to protect my creative inspirations in producing these one-of-a-kind ensembles that I sell via eBay, this one is currently listed for sale . . Listing Link

Designed to fit the slim Gotz girls like my Gotz Happy Kidz model, Emily