Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello December

For many it is as pictured, although a treasured postcard image that evokes hot toddy's, cozy fires, snuggled up in warm blankets, the reality can be a dangerous situation on the roads, so do take extra care out there.
In the meantime from our overcast days here in Seattle I can only dream of winter white days and make use of faux snow in my photo shoots for my latest two designs, although we did have a brief dusting of the real stuff.

Here to show and tell is my Kidz’n’Cats Wunschpuppe/wish doll, Aletta modeling my latest hat accessory

a jester’s style hat with a textured stitched cuffed brim that matches the main body pattern of Laurentia ~ my previously published unisex sweater

 For the American Girl/Boy version here is my Gotz girl, Elisabeth from the Precious Day Collection to show you
a jester’s style hat with a textured stitched cuffed brim matching the main body stitch pattern of Yukon ~ my previously published unisex sweater


Wishing you and yours safe travels and treasured memories during this winter season, thanks for looking ~ Deb

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful for my knitting

I am thankful for my knitting ♥ because . . .
  • It fills my life with color.
  • It expresses my creativity.
  • It keeps my hands busy.
  • It connects me to friends alike and introduces me to new friends ♥ who share my love for the craft.

As I take a moment to give pause to all that I am grateful for, I am also pondering what's next for my knitting needles, and look forward to create more of what I love doing, knitting and designing for 18 inch dolls




What's next for my knitting needles?  . . . 
the upcoming winter season for one, along with Christmas holiday celebrations

Feel free to visit my Pinterest Mood Board  for more of what inspires my knitwear designs and color picks

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall for Aletta

Fall for Aletta
my new Kidz n Cats model I fell for

The second Kidz’n’Cats Wunschpuppe/wish doll, meaning you get to choose her coloring from three choices.
For my Aletta I chose dunkelbraun/dark brown hair with braun/brown eyes


So it seemed appropriate to cast on a little something special for her first autumn.


Worked my previous pattern released back in 2012 called Drift, where I made further improvements to form a classic crew neckline, along with reformatted written instructions that I hope you will enjoy ~ Deb

I look forward to sharing more of Aletta as I explore more colorways for her,
thanks for looking ~ Deb

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Autumn offerings

Autumn/Fall, the most inspirational time of the year for endless color combinations I am eager to explore working from my popular design from last year's season, 'Ayanna', a faux fair isle sweater dress, read  previous post here  for pattern details.
See my Etsy store for completed ensembles

 However before I embark on these, my attention has been taken away to focus on my Kidz n' Cats twins, Leroy & Lena, this being their first fall season together, pictured here embarking on their first school trip .

 September may be almost over, but not my plans for more fall inspired knitwear.  Deb ~ Debonair Designs

 'Ayanna', a faux fair isle sweater dress, read  previous post here  for pattern details.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer time

Summer time may have been beckoning me outdoors with warmer than normal temperatures, clear blue skies and sun soaked days, but not before casting on a little something for my Gotz girls . . . .  

New from my needles this summer


A summer inspired tunic sweater designed to fit American Girl ® dolls

&  18” Gotz dolls like my model Elisabeth & Julia from the Precious Day Collection ™



Lagoon offers an opportunity to work new stitch techniques & textured stitch-work all packaged into a stylish tunic sweater that is suitable for early evening summer breezes after a sun soaked day



 also fits 18” Madam Alexander dolls like my model Abbie

Construction: Worked flat; back and forth in rows.
Front and back each worked the same in one piece bottom up to neckline, with shoulder fastening closure for ease of dressing. Drop short length sleeves created from picked up stitches and worked top down, then seamed along with sides of sweater that features side vents


These completed hand knitted outfits can be found in my

Thanks for looking ~ Deb

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sail Away

 Sail Away in style is the theme behind this photo shoot. Nautical fashion is still considered today as timeless symbols of escape to distant shores and 'Meridian' is no exception, stylish classic stripes are featured with this jaunty short-sleeved sweater, suitable for both your American Girl or Boy dolls


For knitters:

 Meridian ~ a nautical inspired unisex sweater designed for 18” American Girl/Boy Dolls

Add a splash of color to your doll’s summer wardrobe with this jaunty short-sleeved unisex sweater knitting pattern. 


'Meridian' offers an introduction in working with colorwork known as stranded knitting, with line-by-line written instructions including charts for colorwork reference given throughout in a new easy to read update format, one I hope you will enjoy ~ Deb

For a finishing touch, pair with my Newsboy Cap as shown on my former Pleasant Co boy, Jaden or pair with my Eyelet Beret as worn by my American Girl, Saige.

Both completed outfits can be found via my Etsy Store

Jess also loves a splash of color, here she is wearing another version, this completed outfit is also available via my Etsy Store


Thanks for looking ~ Deb

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jewels of the Sea by Debonair Designs

'Jewels of the Sea' worked to showcase both my latest pattern Anyah, this time worked for summer wear, that Julia preferred wearing sleeveless, along with Jessica's pick ~ a jaunty short-sleeved sweater, taken from my 2011 summer collection and paired with her favorite style of hat, a trendy Newsboy Cap.

Knitting Pattern Note:
 Jessica's sweater Meridian, is currently in the process of being updated with new pictures to follow.

Both outfits were inspired by the stunning colors found in * sea glass 

* Sea glass is a physically and chemically weathered anthropogenic glass found on beaches along bodies of fresh and salt water. These weathering processes produce a natural frosted glass

Thanks for looking ~ Deb & Dolls

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meet Leroy ~ a Debonair Boy

Meet Leroy, my other Debonair Boy,
and now my new Kidz 'n' Cats boy model.

About Leroy's former life . . . . 
I recently adopted a Kidz 'n' Cats Laura who was not feeling her role too well, happily she was ready for a change and with little encouragement she agreed to try on her new wig, and loved it. As tempted as I was to keep her female traits, a quick change to jeans and t'shirt, and we both knew instantly that she looked the part of a boy, with the help of my mother-in-law's hairstyling talents and some extra trimming I did myself, along with the addition of freckles, the transformation was complete, no long did I see her former self, but ALL boy!

Here he is happily exploring his new world while I snapped some photos of his new Gansey stitched sweater to showcase my Laurentia pattern for spring wear.

This completed Gansey Sweater is currently available for sale via eBay listing

I look forward to sharing more of Leroy, thanks for looking ~ Deb & Dolls

Friday, April 18, 2014

Debonair Boys

Happy to post that I am now able to give my Debonair Boys more attention after a couple of transformations . . . first up is Jaden, a former American Girl Pleasant Company doll who made his first debut in my February Post now sporting a new enhanced wig.


Here to show and tell, he is modeling Cascadia paired with a stylish Sailor Cap

This completed sweater & cap set is also available for sale via my Etsy Store

In my upcoming post, you will get to meet my new Kidz 'n' Cats boy . . .  

Hope you and yours have a great holiday weekend, Deb & Dolls

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring forth with Anyah

Spring? . . . here in the Pacific Northwest I can happily say that spring has arrived, my daffodils are clear proof along with the heavy pollen count too. Needles to say, for many, the prolonged winter white and grey still looms large, so to add and spread spring joy I was inspired to create an American Girl version of 'Nuala', a sweater dress I had created for the 18” slim all vinyl girl dolls like the Kidz n’ Cats® dolls

 presenting . . .

Especially designed to fit American Girl Dolls & the comparable sized 18” Gotz Dolls
‘Anyah’, a textured stitched sweater dress, that makes use of an easy to work slipped stitch textured pattern throughout, along with classic ribbing and featuring front pockets with two options for working the pocket fronts; a versatile addition for the spring transition.
Anyah: English: Gracious, befitting of the spring blossoms arriving in my garden.” ~ Deb   

Pattern Features: Formatted with written out line-by-line instructions given throughout. An easy to achieve slipped stitch textured pattern is worked throughout, along with a deep ribbed welt that is also worked for the cuffs and crew neckline. Incorporated pocket liners are worked at the same time as the main body with pocket fronts worked at completion from held stitches with two options.

Construction: Worked flat: back and forth in rows. 
Worked from the bottom up in one piece to armholes, including back button bands (added for easy dressing), then each section is worked individually to neckline, created from picked up and held stitches. Pocket lining worked at the same time as main body using the knitting on cast-on method, pocket fronts added at completion from held stitches. Set in long sleeves worked from cuff edge to sleeve cap, seamed and sewn into place.


Option 1 Pocket Front
Option 2 Pocket Front

These completed hand knitted outfits are also available for sale
 via my Etsy Store