Friday, May 27, 2011

Headline news and my summer project

Original picture source: Daily Mail, UK
My summer project and knitting that is making headline news . . . . some of you may be aware of recent knitting news that has become increasingly popular, I am talking about, HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Kate's Shawl pictured and I too am smitten! 
So when I discovered that members of the knitting forum Ravelry, have embarked on creating a hand knitted version, I just knew that this too would be a summer project for me.
Never before have I ever considered wearing a shawl, let alone knitting one, but like I said, I was smitten; love the colorway, the drape, the ruffles and how fashionable it looks on Kate also because of what it will represent for me personally . . 

Firstly I have always been keen on latest fashion trends and try to keep that in mind when creating outfits for my dolls, doll-sized knitting works for me; it is very rewarding and offers instant gratification. Yet having a special adult-sized knitting project puts a spring in my step!

Secondly, I adore watching royal news and I too watched the royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton take place; I cried, I smiled and I rejoiced with the world over. Since I was born and raised in the UK, my interest in the royal family has been one of intrigue and fascination of a world I cannot even begin to imagine, a royalist? perhaps, but I am both proud to be British, AND an American!

Thirdly: With the recent loss of my dear Mom at the beginning of the year, just over 2 years of losing my Dad, and then a month later losing my aunt, my grief has at times been overwhelming . . . my knitting is of great comfort to me, and serves also as a tribute to my mom, who taught me at a tender young age. I need this knitting challenge. . . 
Today, I can finally say that I am smiling more now with my wonderful memories.

And finally: My mom and aunt were avid royalists, I even inherited my mom's newspaper clippings of the Queen's coronation. So in knitting this shawl for myself, I can wrap myself in their love, and feel that spiritual bond, and be proud of the art of knitting, of being both British and American, I love all the excitement and comradeship involved with re-creating this shawl and feel honored to be part of the group on Ravelry dedicated to making this happen. I can only hope that my efforts reflect such talented designs. 

So I thought I would post my progress here . .. with sooooo many stunning patterns to choose from, offering intricate workmanship, I have narrowed down my choices to three contenders, two of which I have worked doll-sized, to get a feel for the pattern, from there I will choose and cast on for mine!!

First up is a textured stitch pattern, called: "CopyKat Shawls" by designer Rose Beck, whose own story is very inspiring, and who kindly gave me permission to sell my finished doll-sized shawl, please note this will be a one-of-kind, my 18in Gotz doll, Elisabeth is modeling it, I chose her because of her hair coloring, to match with the heavily published photo of Kate shown above.  

For my second choice I chose this stunning pattern, "Princess Kate Shawl" by British designer Eleanor Lee. I worked the kerchief version, which in turn works great as a small shawlette pictured here on my 31in Himstedt doll, Henni. This second contender is simply stunning, as is the pattern support.

And so I have decided which one I will be casting on for my adult sized shawl . . . .  "Cambridge"  by designer Carol Sunday.

They all are truly stunning designs, but this one, Cambridge, called to me to most. I am hoping to be casting on today and be finished before summer is out! Who knows, I may just work another!!! . .  but for now I will focus my efforts on this choice.

Of course for those interested in my doll designs, they have taken a back seat, but only for a short spell, while I take a much needed summer break to spend some quality time with my husband and children; explore our new area; tend to some chores that I have neglected, and have some time for reflection, especially since losing so many family members recently . . my knitting is of great comfort to me and helps promote relaxation along with learning how to simply be, while at the same time offering a great learning curve that will naturally improve upon my knitting skills and perhaps inspire new designs. ~ thank you for reading, Deb.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Knits

presenting, 'Savanna'
new from 2011 my summer collection.

This new summer inspired design was created from my spring pattern release, Adrift only this time I omitted the sleeves and worked garter stitch on the last 2 stitches creating a flat edge around the armhole. 
Variation to neckline: For the neckline, I continued working the single ribbing for a total of seven rows, thus allowing it to fold back onto itself, creating a flattering collar.

Embellishment: For a unique finishing touch I added strung beads along the garter stitch ridge row, and fastened securely.

The safari style hat completes the look, however this hat pattern is not available since it has been worked from a base pattern, where I improvised and added a brim.

Designed to fit: I worked this design to fit 18in Madam Alexander Dolls like my model pictured, this outfit also fits the American Girl Dolls and 18in Gotz Dolls.


Model Info: 'Hayley', is from Madam Alexander Girlz Collection, she stands 18 inches tall, slightly slimmer than the American Girl Dolls and 18in Gotz Dolls.

Thanks for looking, Deb

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My new pattern release: 'Meridian"

"Meridian" a jaunty nautical inspired short-sleeved sweater pattern

A perfect addition for your doll's summer wardrobe, which features back-buttoned closure for easy dressing.

This written pattern offers line-by-line instruction for various color combination to be added, which in turn is a great introduction to stranded knitting.

The following images showcase various color options. Enjoy!!

Patriot I and Patriot II are two ensembles that make use of my newly released sweater pattern, Meridian 
For a finishing touch I added a trendy

Seaspray and Seashell showcase my recently released summer inspired cardigan pattern, Adrift
For a complete look, I added my Eyelet Beret

I offer select doll outfits for sale, auctioned on eBay, where you will find me in our store, Tekay-intl, under my label name of Debonair Designs, check out my designs for sale,

Please respect my designer rights, and as such the copyright of these patterns will always remain with me; their text, photos copyright of Debonair Designs. Patterns must not be duplicated and sold without the author’s permission.
Feel free to use these patterns for your knitting pleasure, a courtesy acknowledgment would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Disclaimer: Debonair Designs is not affiliated with any doll or doll clothing companies.