Monday, October 24, 2016

Kalendar Kidz for slim Gotz Kidz too!

  The designs featured in both my Kalendar Kidz pattern book publications also fit the slim all vinyl Gotz Happy/Classic Kidz & Hannah type too!

Starting with a few fall selections like Drift
photo courtesy of Pam Elliott

as featured for November Skies in the book

followed with the textured stitch pattern of Lambrusco

modeled by Gotz Happy Kidz Katie

featured for Reap the Harvest in the book

photo courtesy of Pam Elliott shows the exclusive
mini Kidz version

Exclusive to the pattern book is the popular Windermere Sweater Dress

showcased on my Gotz Happy Kidz Emma for fall-wear

for Back to School wear as featured in the book

Ending this post with a stylish winter coat Braemar
featured in the book as Home for the Holidays,
which includes an exclusive mini Kidz version
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