Pattern Books for 18" American Girl/Gotz Dolls

Seasonal Hand Knitted Designs for 18" Dolls

Fall/Winter Volume

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Fall/Winter Publication Errata Notes: 
From time to time errors in my patterns are discovered, often overlooked even after careful proofing and missed altogether by my talented test knitters, in any case I strive for perfection, so please accept my apologies when these occur, do not hesitate to contact me for further pattern support ~ thank you, Deb

Pemberton Collection: Pemberton Capelet (page 48)

Row count is off beginning at the main body, it should read after row 1:
Rows 2 - 4: Repeat row 1, three more times

Christmas Collection: Cabana III Skirt (page 84)

Completed Measurement given is incorrect
Should be: approx. 4 1/2" from cast on edge to cast off edge

What Others are saying about my Fall/Winter Volume:

 "Hi Deb, I have just recently started knitting doll clothes for my grand daughter and wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed knitting your patterns. I'm basically an intermediate knitter but with your VERY clear line for line instructions, I have tackled projects that I would not have typically chosen.  I just recently completed the Archipelago sweater and cap and just love it.  I especially enjoy how the main sweater pieces (back and fronts) are knit in one piece, which creates a much nicer looker end result.  I've knitted other patterns but keep coming back to your books. Thank you again for all the effort you put into publishing your wonderful patterns. A true fan." ~ Pam

"I received this book and it's full of sweaters and caps that are adorable. Classic styles that can be jazzed, if you wish, by your choice of yarns. The directions are easy to read and you don't have to be a master knitter to enjoy the designs" ~ STaylor

"I LOVE this designer! She puts so much detail into her patterns.
The directions are the clearest I have ever used. I have made 4 of these patterns and they have all turned out just as adorable as the pictures. I highly recommend anything published by this author especially this book!" ~ Blessings, Neesie :o) 

"Love your Knitting Book for dolls. I received it this afternoon and it is so professional looking. The pictures are gorgeous and the directions are so easy to understand. Your expansion to actual knitting books must be so exciting to you. You are so talented just love it. Many thanks." Hertha

"My book came today!!  I love the layout, especially the fact that all the instructions are nicely spaced and very easy to read.  I look forward to seeing your next book--and always, your new offerings on Ravelry.  You are the best at your craft, without exception.  Thanks," Kathy

"I received my book yesterday. It is wonderful!! Truly a piece of art that I will enjoy for years to come!  Thank you!" Jen

"Your book is marvelous!!! Great going through something a friend wrote!!!! So nice to finally have it in my hands! Quite an accomplishment, the whole book is a huge undertaking! Beautiful! Thank you," Di

 "I love this book. I don't have a doll or even know a little girl who has a doll that the knitted clothing in this book will fit. But I bought it and the other book that goes with it any way. I love to knit and the patterns are so lovely and easy to knit up. I figured I would do what I always do which is make some of the clothing, put it away and wait til the right person comes along to give it to. You cannot go wrong with this book. The patterns are easy to understand and they knit up quite quickly. I also appreciate the fact that she uses readily available yarn that you can find in any store. If you love to knit as much as I do and are looking for some new patterns for your dolls, I recommend this book. In fact, I recommend both books. They are both great!" ~ Marcelina Rhode Island

Blog Spot Book Review ~ Fall/Winter Book:

"The book is a pleasure to flip through with plentiful, beautiful photographs of Debonair's Designs on dolls. . . . . "
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Seasonal Hand Knitted Designs for 18" Dolls

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Spring/Summer Publication Errata Notes: 
From time to time errors in my patterns are discovered, often overlooked even after careful proofing and missed altogether by my talented test knitters, in any case I strive for perfection, so please accept my apologies when these occur, do not hesitate to contact me for further pattern support ~ thank you, Deb

From the Sea Collection: Charter (page 88)

Pattern repeat row count error, after continue as follows, it should read:

Rows 3 - 32: Repeat rows 1 - 2, fifteen more times

From the Sea Collection: Adrift (page 74)

Shape Sleeve Top section:

Row 6: Should equal = 9 sts remaining

Neapolitan Chic Collection: Cabana Petticoat Skirt (page 55)
Below are the two rows that should read as follows:

Row 19: (dec) K9, * K2tog, K11, rep from * to last 11 sts; K2tog, K9 = 79 sts

Row 21: (dec) K2, K2tog, * YO, K4, K2tog, sl 1, K1, PSSO, K3, YO, K1 rep from * to last 3 sts;
K2tog, K1 = 77 sts

What Others are saying about my Spring/Summer Volume:

I just wish my mother had had books like these to knit outfits for my dolls when I was a little girl!! But, I'm enjoying every minute of doing it now!! The instructions are so easy to follow and turn out just beautifully!! Everyone is asking me to make some of the outfits for their children or grandchildren. And, best of all, these knitted outfits are easy for little fingers to take on and off ... they all have snaps!! ~ Karin from Amazon

"I was looking for something different to knit and I found it with this great book. The patterns are easy enough and the designs are beautiful. I really love the fact that the yarn used is easy to find and not expensive and yet the sweaters, hats and other items are lovely when finished. The book is filled with really nice patters. I think any little girl (or big girl for that matter) with an 18 inch doll would love the finished products in this book". ~ Marcelina

 "I received your book yesterday and today had the pleasure to sit down and go through it page by page. I enjoy looking at it. I loved your first book and I think this one is terrific to. I just have to comment on how fabulous it is to have all the information laid out as you have done, the extra picture of the garment in a way to understand how it is to go together. You went to the extra lengths to make everything simple to understand. So often designers lay out a wonderful pattern and leave much to a persons imagination. You have made everything complete. Yes in a lot of cases I am sure the more experienced knitters would get it with out the extras, but now someone not as experienced can do it to. I consider this a complete pattern. I applaud you for going the extra, instead of stopping just on the side of it is okay and with adequate information. I have to also mention the extra information on the Gotz dolls in the back is just perfect. Oh one more thing, I love the shadow pictures behind the pattern words. This books speaks quality, the love of dolls and that you care! Thank you Deb" ~Julie 

"I have the fall/winter collection and was eagerly waiting for this to become available. The wait was worth it! Stylish clothing for my 18" dolls. The photos are beautiful and it will challenge my knitting skill. 100% satisfied" ~ STaylor799

"I received both of my books … they are amazing … total works of ART. I am so impressed, even though I have seen your designs here and loved them every time you posted … these books capture each pattern in such a beautiful way … I keep looking at them over and over again … can’t seem to get enough. Don’t stop Deb … you have a wonderful talent … keep designing … keep publishing. L-O-V-E :-)" ~ Patty, Rhode Island