I specialize in designing knitting patterns designed to fit American Girl Dolls & 18in Gotz Dolls. 
Also designs for the slim Kidz n Cats Dolls.

"I have learnt that something positive always grows out of every change as 2010 brought a new area for me and a passion to fulfill, that of putting pen to paper and writing up knitting patterns for 18” dolls, thanks in large part to an awe-inspiring forum called Ravelry, that made this dream a reality. Today, not wanting to stagnate and always passionate to develop and/or improve upon new designs with an eye on today’s fashion trends is very important to me ~ this is often not easy exploring new territories; you never know how a new design will be received. I prefer to knit from inspiration, creating something new, because I want to make heirloom quality designs that come from my heart.♥ Having a loving support system of family and friends encourages my craft to new heights."  ~ Deb

Autumn my favorite and most inspirational season to knit and design for

For pattern support, please feel free to contact me with your comments and/or questions:
Email: debonair@tekayintl.com

I also offer select hand knitted completed doll outfits

for sale via eBay, follow me on facebook for posting of these one-of-a-kind outfits Debonairdesigns4dolls

The knitwear designs are copyrighted and must not be knitted for re-sale. Reproduction of these publications are protected by copyright and are sold on the condition that it be used for non-commercial purposes only.

Disclaimer: Debonair Designs is not affiliated with any doll or doll clothing companies.