Tuesday, January 15, 2013

presenting Bria

  With current weather conditions giving us a warmer temperatures, with more green and no real snow to speak of, my thoughts quickly turned to spring, in particular Saint Patrick's Day, as I find the traditional sweaters so inspirational.

So with pen to paper and knitting needles ready I designed a unique two in one knitting pattern for the popular American Girl Dolls and the comparable 18" Gotz Dolls.


Presenting Bria, the pattern includes both a sweater and cardigan version, featuring a flattering shawl collar neckline along with textured stitches, all formatted into an easy to read pattern that offers line-by-line written instructions , so here are three of my Gotz girls to show and tell

 a shawl collared sweater and cardigan knitting pattern 
designed to fit American Girl Dolls and 18in Gotz dolls