Friday, June 6, 2014

Sail Away

 Sail Away in style is the theme behind this photo shoot. Nautical fashion is still considered today as timeless symbols of escape to distant shores and 'Meridian' is no exception, stylish classic stripes are featured with this jaunty short-sleeved sweater, suitable for both your American Girl or Boy dolls


For knitters:

 Meridian ~ a nautical inspired unisex sweater designed for 18” American Girl/Boy Dolls

Add a splash of color to your doll’s summer wardrobe with this jaunty short-sleeved unisex sweater knitting pattern. 


'Meridian' offers an introduction in working with colorwork known as stranded knitting, with line-by-line written instructions including charts for colorwork reference given throughout in a new easy to read update format, one I hope you will enjoy ~ Deb

For a finishing touch, pair with my Newsboy Cap as shown on my former Pleasant Co boy, Jaden or pair with my Eyelet Beret as worn by my American Girl, Saige.

Both completed outfits can be found via my Etsy Store

Jess also loves a splash of color, here she is wearing another version, this completed outfit is also available via my Etsy Store


Thanks for looking ~ Deb