Thursday, March 22, 2012

New pattern releases from my 2012 Spring Collection

presenting  . . . Kimana & Belle

Kimana ~ a flattering bolero jacket & headband pattern
Belle ~ a cloche style hat pattern with optional hatband

"Kimana' ~ a flattering bolero jacket with matching headband, my new spring pattern release, especially designed to fit 18" Gotz Dolls like my model, Tess and the comparable American Girl Dolls.

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'Kimana', offers an ideal accessory for your doll's transitional wardrobe with the arrival of a new season. A perfect compliment that can easily be worn over your doll's favorite spring dress or simply paired with a pair of trendy jeans and tee skirt . . . 

and 'Belle', a stylish hat accessory, read below . . .

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 For a complete look to this bolero jacket and headband pattern, I wanted to add this enchanting hat, inspired after the vintage cloche hats, and my love of seeing young girls in hats, prompted this stylish hat design, 'Belle', takes its namesake with a play on words for both the bell-shape of the hat, and its meaning: French for beautiful ~ once again a perfect finishing touch to my bolero jacket and headband pattern, 'Kimana', as the headband can be added around the base of the hat for added decoration, and taken off to be used on its own.