Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fall Collection from Summer Pickin's

One of my favorite summer pastimes is spending some time at our local thrift store for some cool summer finds, especially in the yarn section.
I was able to start early and found some great summer pickin's that have helped me get a super early start on outfits from my Fall Collection . . .

      I love working fair isle patterns, so I set about and worked a favorite stitch pattern from 'Ayanna', that I added to the one of my sweater dress patterns, the stitch pattern makes use of a faux fair isle stitch, creating the look of a complicated pattern with the ease of a simple slip stitch . . . it feels good getting an early start on my favorite and most inspiring season.

Here's the first of more to come, modeled on 
Katie from the  Gotz Happy Kidz Collection.

Check in soon for another take on this fun pattern for one of my Kidz 'n' Cats girls 

Have yourself a safe and happy summer ~ Deb