Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trendy Capelet Ensembles from my fall series

Presenting once again three more fall inspired capelet ensembles for your delight. I initially sought to make use of a variety of Autumn colors for this seasons collection, yet wanted to break away from the traditional sweaters. These capelets gave me the outlet for both passions: fair isle, color-work and the ease to knit many of them, producing unique one-of-a-kind ensembles and instant gratification too!

presenting: "Harvest" modeled by Julia, from Gotz' 2003 Precious day collection

presenting: "Dogwood II" modeled by Jessica, also from Gotz' 2003 Precious day collection


presenting: "Dogwood " modeled by Hayley, my 18in Madam Alexander girl

These one-of-a-kind capelet ensembles, modeled by my Gotz dolls, Julia and Jessica and my 18in Madam Alexander doll, Hayley are currently available for sale in auctions via eBay, where my husband and I have a store, Tekay-intl.
Each capelet comes complete with trendy fingerless-mitts along with a coordinating hat.
See my current listings under my label Debonair Designs for each description.
Thank you for looking, Deb :)