Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Birds

Winter Birds . . . 

Welcome 2014, continued . . . 

A brand new year with the potential of fulfilling many hopes and dreams come true. 

Finally have the time to update my blog after the new year, and what an inspiring new year it is turning out to be, yet I find myself tripping up with how fast January is slipping by, especially since I have sooooo many knits I want to complete before the next season is upon us.
 So I have decided to continue with my initial theme for Winter 2014 through February, called 'Winter Birds'.
I love the winter season, as long as it's not too much of anything, my heart goes out to all those inflicted with the major ice storms, I love the dreamy snow covered scenes from the safety of a warm, lit home, and am very thankful for just that, although we do not have any snow, I have my pretend snow and American Girl snow-scene backdrop to help.

Please feel free to follow my mood board I created on Pinterest for inspirational colors that Mother nature does so well, that I can only hope to aspire to.

To kick start this theme, here is my new model, Abbie, an 18inch Madam Alexander girl from the 2007 Favorite Friends series.
   She was a gift I gifted to myself for Christmas, after a long soak, her tangled locks were free once again, enhancing her beauty even more, after holding up various color options, I saw that the gold tones were so complimentary to her and she glowed.
Here's a very excited Abbie to show and tell, enjoy and thank you for reading ~ Deb, Debonair Designs

This little cutie caught my eye









 Abbie is wearing a matching cape set that makes use of my new pattern 'Denali', recently released, read more about this winter special collection in my previous post, 'Denali' ~ A winter special collection eBook


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