Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring forth with Anyah

Spring? . . . here in the Pacific Northwest I can happily say that spring has arrived, my daffodils are clear proof along with the heavy pollen count too. Needles to say, for many, the prolonged winter white and grey still looms large, so to add and spread spring joy I was inspired to create an American Girl version of 'Nuala', a sweater dress I had created for the 18” slim all vinyl girl dolls like the Kidz n’ Cats® dolls

 presenting . . .

Especially designed to fit American Girl Dolls & the comparable sized 18” Gotz Dolls
‘Anyah’, a textured stitched sweater dress, that makes use of an easy to work slipped stitch textured pattern throughout, along with classic ribbing and featuring front pockets with two options for working the pocket fronts; a versatile addition for the spring transition.
Anyah: English: Gracious, befitting of the spring blossoms arriving in my garden.” ~ Deb   

Pattern Features: Formatted with written out line-by-line instructions given throughout. An easy to achieve slipped stitch textured pattern is worked throughout, along with a deep ribbed welt that is also worked for the cuffs and crew neckline. Incorporated pocket liners are worked at the same time as the main body with pocket fronts worked at completion from held stitches with two options.

Construction: Worked flat: back and forth in rows. 
Worked from the bottom up in one piece to armholes, including back button bands (added for easy dressing), then each section is worked individually to neckline, created from picked up and held stitches. Pocket lining worked at the same time as main body using the knitting on cast-on method, pocket fronts added at completion from held stitches. Set in long sleeves worked from cuff edge to sleeve cap, seamed and sewn into place.


Option 1 Pocket Front
Option 2 Pocket Front

These completed hand knitted outfits are also available for sale
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