Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Color Palettes for Sweet Valentine's Day

First of all Wishing you a very Happy New Year to you all . . . first blog post of this brand new year is all about color choices . . in an attempt to help those of you who get lost in what colors to pair together I have created a Pinterest Board called Color Palettes

Each time I create a design I will be making use of these color palettes to show how I managed to team colors together . . . so let's get started with the popular sweet upcoming holiday of Valentine's Day.

Here is the color board I am following

I will be working a sweater for my slim bodied Kidz 'n' Cats model, Lena using Nordic Windermere pictured below that makes use of a slipped-stitch technique to achieve a faux fair-isle look without the need or experience in stranded colorwork


Of the five colors pictured in this palette, I will be working with two shades of red as my main color, one deeper than the other, along with a girlie pink as contrast. I intend to finish in the contrast for the upper section and neckline and pair with red jeggings and boots

Once complete I will update and add to this post along with a link to it's listing where it will be available for sale.

See you soon . . . Deb 

Edited to add final picture of 'Sweet Valentine'

Hand knitted (by me) using my own exclusive knitting patterns

The two tone red accents on a base of soft pink also feature sequins and metallic flecks