Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meet Leroy ~ a Debonair Boy

Meet Leroy, my other Debonair Boy,
and now my new Kidz 'n' Cats boy model.

About Leroy's former life . . . . 
I recently adopted a Kidz 'n' Cats Laura who was not feeling her role too well, happily she was ready for a change and with little encouragement she agreed to try on her new wig, and loved it. As tempted as I was to keep her female traits, a quick change to jeans and t'shirt, and we both knew instantly that she looked the part of a boy, with the help of my mother-in-law's hairstyling talents and some extra trimming I did myself, along with the addition of freckles, the transformation was complete, no long did I see her former self, but ALL boy!

Here he is happily exploring his new world while I snapped some photos of his new Gansey stitched sweater to showcase my Laurentia pattern for spring wear.

This completed Gansey Sweater is currently available for sale via eBay listing

I look forward to sharing more of Leroy, thanks for looking ~ Deb & Dolls