Sunday, July 21, 2013

Christmas Collection

The Christmas Collection was born out of the desire to fashion holiday ensembles for a craft show I will be attending near the holidays. Inspired by the classic holiday movie, ‘White Christmas’ starring Bing Crosby, I created this festive set all featuring the use of faux fur trim, and all designed to coordinate with each other for complete ensembles.         Debonair Designs

The Christmas Collection Patterns:

Noel ~ a fur trimmed hooded coat with collar option

Juliette ~ a fur trimmed cloak with capelet option

Cabana III ~ a chevron stitched two-piece skirt and matching top 

 Noel                                                                              Juliette

 Cabana III

Pattern Note: Worked flat, back and forth in rows

Construction: Written out with line-by-line instructions given, including faux fur placement, Coat worked bottom up in one piece then each section is worked individually, hood created from picked up stitches along with a collar option worked in the same manner, Cloak/Capelet worked top down with gradual shaping. Both the skirt and matching top worked from the bottom up.

Materials: Medium worsted/10ply yarn with bulky textured yarn used for the faux fur. Yarn Equivalent: 8ply/Double Knit (UK/Australia) and 12ply/Chunky




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