Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sienna Collection

  The Sienna Collection was born out of the desire to have various patterns working together for a complete outfit. This versatile collection comes with variations added, including working a longer version of Cabana to create a dress version, which when paired with the jacket, gives a whole new ensemble that’s perfect for the Fall season, my favorite time of the year.  Debonair Designs


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The Sienna Collection Patterns:

Sienna ~ a double breasted collared jacket

Cabana II ~ a chevron stitched tunic dress 

Beret II ~ a textured stitched beret

BoHoh II ~ a textured stitched tote bag

Sienna                                                          Cabana II

  Beret II                                                                  BoHoh II                                                                                                                            

Pattern Note: Worked flat, back and forth in rows.

Construction: For the jacket and dress, the textured stitch patterns have been written out with line-by-line instructions given, including buttonhole placement.  

Materials: Medium worsted/10ply yarn used throughout

Yarn Equivalent: 8ply, Double Knit (UK/Australia)         


My patterns are also available on Patternfish where this collection is featured in the July Newsletter


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